5. Mandate advisory board, medium-sized companies. IT SAAS (International)

Support in different areas of the company
50 employees

. Strategy and expansion
. Preparation for expansion in the USA
. Contract reviews
. Network contacts
. Profiling for new employees
. Sales strategies for the respective countries
. Raising capital
-> Long-term mandate

6. Service, medium-sized companies, Frankfurt

Introduction of new products
Coaching managing partner
40 employees

. Strategy and securing the existing customers
. Structuring and setting up a subsidiary (IT)
. Market test of new products, POC (Prof of Concept)
. Sales development with CRM system
. Marketing and new product launch
. Organizational optimization (digitization)
. Development and introduction of commission systems
-> all points successfully introduced and implemented in 18 months

7. Representation of interests, industry, trade and services, Frankfurt am Main

Development and expansion of the representation of interests
80 members with 90,000 employees (worldwide)

. Expansion and permanent adjustment of the corporate strategy
. Growth concepts (DACH)
. Acquisition of new members
. Development and expansion of the organization and its structures
. Digitization and tools introduced
. Worldwide service tool for members developed and implemented
. Business inquiries answered / clarified worldwide within 8 hours
. Centrally developed and implemented financial system
-> Project successfully completed in 24 months
-> Profitable lobbying
-> Growth of new members> 10% p.a.
-> Member satisfaction is 9.2 (from 10.0)

8. Interim managing director, medium-sized companies, IT, Europe

Organizational restructuring and raising of capital
30 employees

. Digitization of organizational processes
. Cooperations with comparable companies
. Reorganized financial structure and additional investors
. Funding (Europe) applied for / received
. Various presentations as key note speakers
-> Project 18 months 3.5 days (week)
-> Company successfully sold to a group