9. Crisis management, multinational corporation, Munich


Establishing a crisis management system
Over 200,000 employees

. Crises intensity and frequency determined
. Crisis volume sighted and analyzed
. Corporate management, divisions and departments checked
. Identified avoidable and unavoidable crises
- Established internal and external crisis team
. Training and education of all members (also external)
. Clear and unambiguous behavior in the event of a crisis
  defined and binding for all parties involved
- Analysis procedures developed for each crisis situation
-> Construction in 12 months
-> Reduction> 60% in avoidable crises
-> Reduction> 80% in the case of unavoidable incidents / crises

10. Some other jobs and functions (brief description)

. Interim management (from 6 months)
. Key note speaker
. Business seminars
. Experts for entrepreneurs and executives via Zoom / Telco
  for current topics
- Seminars in companies on business topics
. HR projects, profiling, salaries, training, coaching
- Sales strategies and sales coaching
- Succession arrangements