The consulting company IN RESTRUCT was founded in 2007 by Andreas Riedel (Dipl.VWL). Decisive for this decision were the many years of national and international experience.

ssential corporate areas in medium-sized companies and in corporations have to do with the same management tasks. And in many companies and also in the field of politics and administration, many tasks are only insufficiently processed and completed.
Here are a few brief examples: digitization, time for strategic work, innovation management, customer service, crisis management, measurable transformation activities, project management (with adherence to budget and time) and ...
We have made it our business to solve these things quickly and efficiently in the company. This is our promise.


        Executive Partner

„Wer will, findet Wege, wer nicht will, findet Gründe“
Prof. Götz W. Werner (dm Märkte)